Game Prototyping


Elenora Jones and the Raven Society - Designed for my game mechanics class at Santa Monica College, this game features a young psychic detective set against the backdrop Victorian London. Through a choose-your-own-adventure style mechanic, players will decide Elenora's fate as she solves mysteries and seeks to unravel the secrets of the Raven Society. 


Given that many board games have limited movement and interactivity, I had the idea to create pop-up set pieces for specific scenes as part of my prototype. That way, players can literally see Elenora move and come to life.

Simple demonstration of one pop-up prototype.

I've learned a lot from working on this project. Before this class, the idea of board games seemed outdated and irrelevant. If you said "board game" to me, I would immediately think of Monopoly or chess. But by examining the mechanics that drive these games (which I shouldn't have dismissed to begin with given their obvious success), I understood that board games are no less legitimate than my favorite PlayStation games. Even if the interfaces are different, that difference is no more significant than the difference between a PS4 and an iPhone. In my research, I also discovered that there is an extensive board game community that plays new and evolving games that contain a level of complexity and narrative that I didn't think possible from this medium. It's been such a pleasure to write out snippets of this story and create functional prototypes for others to enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be playing this game in your home!