Sketchfab and 3D Scanning

Hi Heroes!

We're on the final lap of escrow. We close the 26th and will spend the weekend frantically moving our ( hoarded books, movies, and games to the new house. I'm operating on just a few hours of sleep so excuse any typos. 

I've been experimenting with a new 3D scanning app called Qlone. At first, I was apprehensive that a phone could provide a quality scan. But, to my pleasant surprise, the quality isn't half bad! Now, I'm not expecting to use these scans as game assets or anything like that. Rather, this is a fast way to create 3D mockups for prototyping. I've uploaded the scans to Sketchfab, and you can see that even between scans I've been able to improve the accuracy quite a bit.

Once we have more phones with dual cameras with depth-sensing capabilities, scans like this will be incredibly easy to produce. Excited to see where this goes. 

Maybe I should have chosen something more exciting to scan...