Welcome interweb travelers, and thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Ben, and I'm writing to you from my Virtual Reality bunker in Reseda, CA. This blog chronicles my journey as I set out to become a game designer, serving as a platform to discuss gaming news, thoughts on design and related fields, and various other nerdisms. I hope that you find something you like here, even if it's just a distraction while sitting in your cubicle (SFW approved). I have separated my posts into a "Story Mode" section for deeper topic discussions, and a "Side Quests" section for updates, photos, and assorted randomosities. I've also included a way for you to badger me in the "Contact" section, both directly and on social media, so troll away to your heart's content.

You may be wondering why I sign my posts as the Debuffed Hero, refer to you, my readers, as Debuffed Heroes, and have given this blog the same name. I chose these titles because of what gaming has always represented to me- no matter what "debuffs" life throws at me, I can always let them fall by the wayside and become a hero when playing games. Plus, it sounded cool.

Game on, my Debuffed Heroes!